Other Blogs!

Hey everyone on the internet! If your reading this, I have some other blogs for you to check out! Another member of my band, my best friend groovieflute@weebly.net! She is a fantastic flute player! Another one to check out is purple sax! She is another alto saxophone player in my band and also one of my best friends! Check it out! (:

Band Festival!

I would like to start off by saying that I am incredibly happy we got all ones and that we get the amazing opportunity of going to State! I do however think we have played that music much better before though. I think we could have done a lot better honestly. I think we were pretty lucky to get the score we got and I’m incredibly proud of our band and I hope we can continue to do great and get ones at state with our new music! I can’t wait!

Cabin Fever! :D

Cabin fever went great! I’ve worked stage for 3 years now. I think that this year went a lot easier than it has previously back there with less things to set up this time. Okay maybe not less things but It seemed like there was a lot more time in between and that helped. Dan, Doug, and Rich were a big help! Thanks to them! I think cabin fever is a great experience for everyone involved. You get to hear and see things you may not get to very often and see a lot of talent you may not have known about previously. I think it is wonderful that everyone gets the opportunity to show us their talent and I am glad I get to be a part of that. I’m glad I get the chance to help out every year!

Pep Band

I personally love pep band! We get to play more popular music that we usually don’t get to play and that’s a fun experience. I think it’s great that we support both the football and basketball teams. I think they could be more appreciative of it but that is just my opinion… I love any time I get to spend playing with my band and I think it’s great that we get the opportunity. We always have a fun time and it brings more support to our teams that may not be there otherwise. I think it is a great thing!

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